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About Us

Welcome to Optalgo Softsolutions

Optalgo is Nagercoil's leading PhD research guidance support. We have highly skilled experts with more than 4 years of experience. The services we provide include excellent training experts and correct workflow planning. We have a well-organized and friendly team. Our team is always at your service to discuss your research and accurately understand your research requirements. Here, we have expertise in all engineering fields. Optalgo provides a series of doctoral dissertations, doctoral degree implementation services, and uses MATLAB, NS2, JAVA, SIMULATION, PhD journal writing, PhD journal paper publication, topic selection, proposal consultation, finalization, editing and guidance and other innovative concepts The idealization stage. We ensure timely delivery of our services and fresh content at budget-friendly prices, which sets us apart from other companies in the industry. Our team will take care of each customer individually, pay attention to and respond to your requirements.

Our Service

Whether you have any difficulties in pursuing a PhD degree, Our experts will provide you with high-quality works!

  • University registration

    Only first-time participants need to register

  • Base Paper Selection

    A base paper is a sample project report or an paper that has been published by a previous researcher.

  • Problem Indentification

    The identification of research problems refers to the awareness of a widespread social problem.

  • Implementation

    Using Matlab, NS2,Simulink, Java,Phython.

  • Research Paper writing

    Here, we provide the best PhD assistance and thesis writing services and guidance.

  • Plagarism Verification

    Here, we provide the best doctoral assistance and thesis writing services and guidance.

  • Journal Paper Publication

    Here we offer journal publishing service and to help you with publishing.

  • Thesis & Synopsis Writing

    Full comparison of citations and references.